Maritime law covers claims for injuries that take place in ships, cruise vessels, and boats. Boating accident injuries are not handled the same way as those taking place on land. Therefore, it’s necessary for the injured person to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable on maritime personal injuries. The company dealing with the marine vessel is responsible for protecting its passengers even after they have signed a waiver upon the purchase of the cruise line ticket. Those working on such vessels are equally protected under the Jones Act and other industry-related case laws.

For anyone seeking a personal injury attorney who specializes in maritime law, call 305-AMG-HELP. Based on the circumstances of the accident, one can be compensated whether they were a passenger, crew member, or a passerby who sustains an injury because of another person’s fault. If you want to determine if you have a claim or not, contact us instantly and get connected with a lawyer who can assess your case.